Meet the Team

For nearly half a century, everyone on the CM Woodworks team has been dedicated to creating finely crafted functional spaces. Collaborative and willing to stretch beyond the mold, they have the skills, intuition and vision to deliver one-of-a-kind woodwork solutions that are uniquely and beautifully you. Every member of our team plays a key role in ensuring you get the service, care, quality and design you need to turn your space into the kitchen, family room, bar, closet or office you’ve always dreamed of.

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Chris Marsden, Owner

Chris has long held a love for carefully crafted woodwork. From architectural spaces to cabinetry to furniture, he appreciates how the beauty of wood can enhance a home while reflecting the unique lifestyles of those who who live within it. A holdover from his years as a baseball player and professional musician, he approaches each new project as a challenge. A puzzle to be solved. An opportunity to elevate the style and function of every space CM Woodworks is invited into.

Chris designed his own home with the same meticulous eye for details he brings to CM Woodworks. It’s there, he and his wife raise their two girls and host neighborhood friends. Outside his home, Chris spends a lot of time in the wilds of Minnesota, mountain biking and hiking. He’s also always up for an adventure outside his home state, including mountaineering in Mount Rainier National State Park and wine tasting in California.

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Patty Collmann, Designer, Metro Sales

For Patty, our work is about more than taking orders, installing cabinets and designing architectural spaces. It’s about developing relationships and having honest conversations with our clients. Learning exactly who they are and how they’ll live every day in the space we’re creating. She digs deep to gain a firm understanding of your vision and how it needs to function before working with you, your architect and your builder to ensure that vision is carried into a space that brings you value and happiness for years to come.

This design intuition and insight comes, in part, from her passion for living an intentional and decluttered life. It’s a passion she shares with her husband and two kids. They’ve designed their own home and their life in a way that surrounds their family with the things that are most important to them. From seasonal Minnesota fun to playing with their golden doodle to dinners and celebration with friends and family.

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Nick Deters, Programmer

Jack, and master, of all trades, Nick’s love of woodworking began in high school. For nearly two decades he’s held a number of different positions both at CM Woodworks and other cabinetry companies. It’s a varied background that has given him insight into every aspect of the woodworking process. In every position and every project, he consistently focuses on two key priorities: quality and value. Through this dedication he’s able to ensure a smooth process and a final product that is both stunning and functional.

Outside of woodworking, Nick is passionate about his wife and three children who keep him busy running to hockey, softball, baseball, football and music events. In between all this, he finds time to enjoy all the beauty Minnesota has to offer. He can often be found spending time on a number of the state’s 10,000 lakes catching fish and hunting his way through the seasons with his family and friends.

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Julie Logan, Designer, Local Sales

With an eye for detail and a knack for 3D drafting, Julie brings your vision to life long before the first cut is made. Her work allows clients to experience how their future space will look and function, giving us the opportunity to revise, revise, revise to the point of perfection. Through this process and more than 25 years of experience in custom home furnishings, Julie ensures the final product complements your home and lifestyle long after the final knob is installed.

Julie brings her enthusiasm for design and functional living into her own home as well, but she’s probably most enthusiastic about new experiences. She’s not picky about the type of experience as long as it takes her somewhere she’s never been before, doing something she’s never tried. She does always make time for her standby loves as well. On weekends she enjoys attending theater events, taking in local art, reading a good book or biking Minnesota’s trails. 

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Mike Johnson, Shop Foreman

Working at CM Woodworks appeals to Mike’s curious nature. Each project presents a new opportunity to understand the nuances of the customer and their home. His patience and decades of experience allow him to get to the root of your vision, which he then communicates to the shop team. Together they craft the space you’ve envisioned. Among the team, he’s known for his intuition and steadfastness—qualities that ensure every step of the process is a positive experience for our clients.

Mike’s curiosity can be seen woven throughout his life outside the shop as well. He’s a voracious reader, avid cyclist and daily runner, but above all, Mike is a dedicated husband and father. He and his wife of 25 years work a farm in rural Minnesota where they live with the two youngest of three children. The eldest works in the aerospace industry, proudly sharing his father’s inquisitive spirit.